Professional Serum – The Liquid Hair Rebuilder™

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NEW: One Step Hair Repair! ONLY for Licensed professionals.

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  • This Serum is 2 applications in 1 product — the NEW rebuilder in color/highlights AND our original hair repair treatments.
  • NEW – rebuild broken hair bonds in color, highlights, or other chemical process. Just mix 5 grams of Serum for each 100 grams of color/highlights/bleach. Then finish the color like usual. Easy!
  • It doesn’t interfere with your color, so it does NOT increase the color product and does NOT add time in the chair.
  • Original Treatment: STEP 1 – After hair is clean (ideally after using our Clarifying Shampoo), add Healthilocks Serum to wet hair and scalp. No gloves required. Optional STEP 2 — After hair is dry, flat iron hair to strongly bond Serum to hair.
  • This Serum reconstructs hair for ANY client with ANY type of hair and ANY kind of hair damage.
  • Once you complete the bond repair with EITHER the color or highlights (which you add it to) in the NEW Treatment OR the flat ironing in the original treatment, you are done! You can even re-shampoo immediately after our treatments and style as desired.
  • Hair is not “straightened” by a chemical, so hair keeps its authentic style – curly, straight, wavy … natural.
  • Natural, safe, and EFFECTIVE. No gloves are required for handling any of our products. Follow other products’ manufacturer’s instructions, such as using gloves, for color or highlights.
  • 7 oz (210 ml) size allows for approx. 42 applications of the “IN COLOR/HIGHLIGHTS” treatment, where you just add 5 grams (5 ml) to each 100 grams of color or highlights.
  • For the original treatment (add serum, dry, flat iron), the 7 oz size allows for approx. 14 – 28 treatments.
  • This Serum is EXCLUSIVELY available for Salon Professionals; for your first order PLEASE put your LICENSE NUMBER in the “OTHER NOTES” field or email your license to If you’re not a Professional, please do NOT order this product; please choose our <a href=””>Daily Leave-In Treatment</a> for home use. It rocks, too!
  • Ingredients:
    • Water
    • PlexProtein™ complex
    • Hydroxypropyl guar = Conditions hair; prevents static;
      a carbohydrate derived from a bean
    • Phenoxyethanol = Natural preservative
    • Caprylyl glycol = Plant-derived preservative
    • Citric acid = Natural pH buffer
    • Potassium sorbate = Natural preservative
    • Sodium chloride = Natural salinity adjuster
    • Disodium phosphate = Natural buffer
    • Potassium chloride = Natural salinity adjuster
    • Sodium phosphate = Natural buffer

    *** Preservatives and buffers are in very small amounts

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