Daily Leave-In Treatment for Home Use


Rebuild. Rejuvenate. Protect!

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Designed to deliver your ideal dose of PlexProtein™ between shampoos, our leave-in treatment for home use rebuilds and protects fine/thin, dry, frizzy & damaged hair. It keeps feeding hair with the superfoods it needs to fight off damage and stay in its healthiest state.  It naturally hydrates & moisturizes the hair and scalp, but is free of oil and won’t weigh hair down. Designed by biotech scientists, it has been clinically tested to  to rebuild hair and support the scalp, so use it from scalp and roots to the very ends of hair. It can be used as a stand-alone product or ideally to maximize the effect of our professional in-salon Healthilocks treatment. Want the Daily Shampoo and Conditioner, too? Order our Home Ritual Trio! Our leave-in treatment:

  • Rebuilds, rejuvenates, and protects hair!
  • Adds protein and water, so it rebuilds with the elements of hair
  • Supports the scalp.
  • Designed using biotechnology with the power of PlexProtein.



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