Healthilocks was inspired when my daughter said, “Mom your ponytail is sad!” After the initial shock, I realized she was right – my hair was thinner! I spent a lot of money on vitamins, treatments and hair care products, but rarely did I see much difference, and if I did, it was just a temporary fix. So I used my training as a scientist to develop Healthilocks… because healthy hair is gorgeous hair.

My mission is to help everyone have the confidence to be yourself…a reflection you’ll love…reconditioning you can see and feel…

Jane Meyer

Founder and Healthilocks User



Our mission is to make hair gorgeous and healthy for the long term. We help people live their best lives because we make it easy to be ready for your red carpets 24/7.

Our Vision

We want to help people show up at their best in their relationships and at work and play. Of course, hair isn’t important when you’re facing a crisis, but it matters on most days because it’s one of the first things people notice and one of the main ways we communicate who we are.

Many believe hair is the first dead giveaway of age, and studies show that people really do have bad hair days and consider the emotions from hair loss to be similar to those from loss of a limb, and “attractive people, but especially attractive women, get better grades in school, more dates, more marriage proposals, higher salaries, better job offers and so on,” says Rose Weitz, author of “Rapunzel’s Daughters: What Women’s Hair Tells Us About Women’s Lives.”

We make hair gorgeous by making it just like healthy, younger hair, and that makes our customers look younger and, yes, feel younger, too! Plus, gorgeous hair makes people confident and happy, which lets their light shine.

We Believe…

  • The world’s a stage, and everyone’s the star in their story.
  • Everyone contributes something fabulous to someone.
  • People are attracted to enthusiasm and positive action. We strive to delight everyone involved with our company.
  • Differences should be celebrated.
  • Photoshopped beauty is not beautiful.
  • The world is abundant — there is plenty for everyone.
  • “Having it all” for you should be defined by YOU.
  • You must nurture what you want, from dreams to hair.
  • Work is play that pays. Find your “Work” and you won’t have to “work.”
  • Products should be healthy (or at least not harmful) for people and the planet.
  • Products should do what they say, do it safely, and really say what they do. Products should not use words that suggest something is safe if it actually harms hair, people or the planet.
  • Products should be FREE of common allergens, cancer causing agents, butylene glycol (which should NOT be heated), parabens, silicones, silica, aluminum, dyes and other bad stuff.
  • Our company is a rallying cry for high tech innovation as the engine of our economy, particularly for businesses and careers for women. This is because scientific breakthroughs, like our PlexProtein, create valuable products and services, which support much higher pay than things that can be outsourced to low-skilled labor.

Best wishes from the Healthilocks team!


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