The LIQUID HAIR Rebuilder

Reinventing Hair Repair

If you’re in a rush, learn about our NEW Application that is the LIQUID HAIR REBUILDER, which rebuilds broken hair bonds in Color/Highlights, by clicking HERENATURAL hair repair. Patent pending.  If you have a minute, here’s what we heard from professionals:

Our work is a promise. A promise to every person who walks in our door, sits in our chair and looks at us with eyes that say, “make me beautiful…help me be seen, help me be myself.” We are artists…and hair is our canvas. The payoff? When our client hits the sidewalk, they look fantastic and feel ever better. But it never lasts. It’s fleeting. The next day, without tools, potions and overlays…the style is uncomposed and the condition of the hair starts to return to its same old state. Why? People are unintentionally force feeding hair junk food. Chemicals to try to rewrite biology, and butters, extracts, and oils that sweep damage under the rug. A big part of this great industry grew to address one problem: hair gets damaged.

When did we start buying into marketing gimmicks?

When did “science” become so unnatural? So unrelated to hair?

Do we really need 10,000 hair treatments to choose from, to solve 1 basic problem?

We went back to the drawing board, using real science and natural ingredients. What is hair? Protein & water…pure and simple. What does it need to care for itself, build itself, fight the world we live in and the brutal conditions we subject it to? Protein and water. That’s it. No gimmicks…no chemicals. Just 2 things. The 2 things that drive HEALTHILOCKS. The result? Hair that is fed what it craves. It is truly repaired, and it looks and feels bouncier, shinier…younger. Your client’s hair is gorgeous.

HEALTHILOCKS – Repair. Rejuvenate. Protect.



Healthilocks® is high performance hair care that values people and the planet.

Healthilocks REBUILDs broken hair bonds, REHYDRATES, and PROTECTS hair.  Our salon treatments are only sold to hair professionals, and our “daily” Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment are for use at home. The home products work great on their own AND maximize the effect of the salon treatments.
Our system is easy, chemical-free, and GREAT FOR BUSINESS. Once you complete the hair bond rebuilding with EITHER the color/highlight application of our NEW Treatment OR the flat ironing in the original treatment, you are DONE. You can even re-shampoo immediately after our treatments and style as desired. PLUS, hair is not “straightened” by our treatments, so hair keeps its authentic style – curly, straight, wavy … natural.

Our NEW One Step Treatment is easy: just add 5 grams of our Professional Serum for each 100 grams of color, highlights, or bleach — which should take less than 1 minute — that’s it. So add a bit to your price or don’t even tell your client why they get fantastic results from YOU.

The VIDEO below was created for our original treatment, which is done in the chair, is a service you charge for, and takes about 15 minutes.

< The ORIGINAL Treatment >


Imagine promising ANY client with ANY type of hair and ANY kind of hair damage that you could undo years of damage — OR repair hair as you apply color or highlights — and deliver gorgeous hair?

“It rebuilds, smooths, rehydrates, and strength trains every strand of hair…filling in damage wherever it finds it and optimizing your client’s natural hair state.”

If you’re in a rush, check out our NEW One Step “In Color/Highlights” Treatment, which works IN your client’s color or highlights with NATURAL ingredients.

The origin of our revolutionary hair system is our powerful in-salon treatment that you deliver at the chair. In just 15 minutes, our liquid hair superfood featuring our patent pending PlexProtein™ Infusion delivers pure & natural protein and water to every strand. The instructions below are for our ORIGINAL TREATMENT.



  • Pretreats & detoxes prior to a liquid hair superfood treatment
  • Natural exfoliant formulated with orange oil & apple cider vinegar
  • Keeps the hair & scalp clean & healthy
  • Can be used at home twice per month as clarifier for maintenance

NOTE: For clients receiving color application or highlights the day of this treatment, SKIP this step and use your favorite color safe shampoo.



  • Exclusively for use by Salon Professionals only
  • Rebuilds and protects hair naturally with protein and water
  • Gives your clients gorgeous hair – just like healthy hair
  • Rebuilds hair
  • Great treatment after cut/color or as a stand alone treatment
  • Natural, safe & effective…clinically tested & lasts up to 12 weeks
  • No chemicals, so it’s not a “straightening” hair
  • No gloves required!
  • 14 – 28 uses


Ready to get started? We have packages designed to fit any situation, at any budget!

Simply give us a call at 1-800-431-1365 to learn more or email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

The Professional Serum is $87.00. The clarifying shampoo is $26.00.


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