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HEALTHILOCKS is a revolutionary hair repair system — The Liquid Hair Rebuilder. Our PlexProtein™ products fill in the damaged parts of hair with the natural building blocks of hair — protein and water. PlexProtein‘s the first and only natural hair bond rebuilder.

So use any tool you want — chemicals, heat, a wind machine … just add our Professional Serum to color or apply it directly to damaged areas, and it’s best if our Leave-in treatment (which also has our PlexProtein) is used at home.

Our Professional Serum is 2 products in 1. It can be used just like well-known bond rebuilders that multiply broken hair bonds using non-hair molecules. Just add our Serum to color, highlights, bleach or other chemical processes — let’s call these “color” — and then finish the process as usual. The Serum is also used for our original treatment — apply the Serum from scalp to tips of wet, clean hair, then dry hair, then flat iron hair.

The genius: the Serum does NOT interfere with color etc., so it does NOT increase processing time OR time in the chair, it does not change the texture of the mix being applied to the hair.

How does it work so naturally? Hair is simply protein & water, and we’re rebuilding hair with protein and water. Our breakthrough is our new PlexProtein™ complex, which is a mixture of hair’s own building blocks — protein and water — with carbohydrates from a bean and other natural ingredients. It strongly bonds to hair from the energy released by chemicals in color or from heat of a flat iron etc. It’s like repairing hair with liquid hair. Ingredients:

  • Water
  • PlexProtein™ complex
  • Hydroxypropyl guar = Conditions hair; prevents static;
    a carbohydrate derived from a bean
  • Phenoxyethanol = Natural preservative
  • Caprylyl glycol = Plant-derived preservative
  • Citric acid = Natural pH buffer
  • Potassium sorbate = Natural preservative
  • Sodium chloride = Natural salinity adjuster
  • Disodium phosphate = Natural buffer
  • Potassium chloride = Natural salinity adjuster
  • Sodium phosphate = Natural buffer
    *** Preservatives
    and buffers are in very small amounts

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Feed Hair Superfood

The Liquid Hair Rebuilder goes home, too

However you like to style your hair, it will get damaged from brushing to color to heat. After you shampoo and condition, apply our Leave-In Treatment for home use to wet hair, from scalp to tips of hair, and use whatever you like — heat, big round brush, letting it air dry….  It’s that easy. The Leave-In includes PlexProtein, so it’s got The Liquid Hair Rebuilder.

HEALTHILOCKS…it’s like SUPERFOOD for your hair.

ORDER: 800-431-1365 or email info@healthilocks.com


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