Professional Hair Repair Serum

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NEW: One Step Hair Repair! ONLY for Licensed professionals.

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  • NEW One Step “In Color or Highlights” Hair Repair: just mix 1 gram of Healthilocks Professional Serum in your bowl of color or highlights. That’s it! NATURAL. It doesn’t change your concentration of color or highlights, so it does NOT increase your product and does NOT add time in the chair!
  • This Serum is EXCLUSIVELY available for Salon Professionals; for your first order PLEASE PUT YOUR LICENSE NUMBER in the “OTHER NOTES” field or email your license # If you’re not a Professional, please do NOT order this product; please choose our <a href=””>Daily Leave-In Treatment</a> for home use.
  • This joins the original Healthilocks Treatment, which is: STEP 1 – After hair is clean (ideally after using our Clarifying Shampoo), add Healthilocks Serum to wet hair and scalp. No gloves required! Optional STEP 2 — After hair is dry, flat iron hair to strongly bond Serum to hair.
  • This Serum reconstructs hair for ANY client on ANY type of hair and ANY kind of hair damage. It has liquid hair superfood — featuring our PlexProtein Infusion — that delivers pure natural protein and water to every strand! It makes hair just like healthy hair, so it makes thin hair thicker, and it makes dry or damaged hair soft and gorgeous. It lets your clients style as they like!
  • Natural, safe, and effective. No gloves are required for handling any of our products! Follow manufacturer’s instructions, such as using gloves, for color or highlights.
  • 7oz (210 ml) size allows for about 210 applications of the “IN COLOR/HIGHLIGHTS” treatment, where you just add 1 gram (1 ml) to your color or highlights! For single application packets, click:
  • For the original treatment (add serum, dry, flat iron), the 7oz size allows for approx. 14 – 28 treatments.

Since there are many “in salon” treatments, you may wonder, “what’s so great about Healthilocks?” The answer is simple. EVERYTHING.

While most hair treatments try to force feed unnatural chemicals, oil or extracts just because they sound mysterious, we adopted a holistic, common sense approach to tackling dry and damaged hair with science. Healthilocks® is high performance hair care that values people and the planet. Healthilocks actually REBUILDs, rehydrates, and protects hair. PATENT PENDING. Our salon treatments are only sold to hair professionals, and our “daily” Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment are for use in home rituals. The home ritual products work great on their own AND maximize the effect of the salon treatments.

Unlike other treatments that use chemicals to break down the hair in order for their protein to bond, our 100% water based system is effortless and chemical-free, and once you complete the heat bonding with EITHER the color or highlights (which you add it to) in the NEW Treatment OR the flat ironing in the original treatment, you are done! You can even re-shampoo immediately after our treatments and style as desired. Plus hair is not “straightened” by a chemical, so hair keeps its authentic style – curly, straight, wavy … natural!



  • Pretreats & detoxes prior to a liquid hair superfood treatment
  • Natural exfoliant formulated with orange oil & apple cider vinegar
  • Keeps the hair & scalp clean & healthy
  • Can be used at home twice per month as clarifier for maintenance

NOTE: For clients receiving color application or highlights the day of this treatment, SKIP this step and use your favorite color safe shampoo.



  • Exclusively for use by Salon Professionals only
  • Gives your clients gorgeous hair with a healthy feel
  • Great after cut/color or as a stand alone treatment
  • Natural, safe & effective…clinically tested & lasts up to 12 weeks
  • 14 – 28 uses
  • Dry the hair and then flat iron it

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