About Us

Healthilocks® products are the ultimate in anti-aging for hair. We make hair just like younger hair, so it’s healthier, stronger, and shinier. Our salon treatment lasts up to 12 weeks!

The product was inspired by my daughter, when one day she said “Mom your ponytail is sad.” After the initial shock, I realized that she was right. I had always had naturally fine hair, but after having two kids, working full time and turning 40 had taken its toll on my hair. So, I set out to do something about it. I tried the vitamins and hair care products on the market and none provided the lasting and safe solution I was looking for to thicken and improve the overall health and manageability of my hair. Since my background is in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry I knew there are limitations to growing new hair. Therefore, I knew I had to work with the hair that I currently had. I utilized my science background and developed concepts that I then tested in the laboratory. After multiple rounds of prototype development and rigorous testing, Healthilocks® was born.

Healthilocks® is committed to making healthier, stronger, and shinier hair-one strand at a time.

Healthilocks® is based on a proprietary protein complex called Plexprotein™, which thickens the hair while protecting it from damage and breakage. Formulated with a small number of safe and natural ingredients, our water-based solution is activated by heat, rather than solvents, and it provides a safe product to handle and use. Healthilocks® is like no other hair repair solution on the market today. It is a revolution in hair care based on bioengineering and the latest in science. Only the finest ingredients and rigorous testing ensure that Healthilocks® is a superior product.

Healthilocks® is proudly produced in the US under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Healthilocks® is free from: dyes, perfumes, colors, BSE/TSE (protein Bourne illnesses), silicones, sulfates and solvents. Please see our FAQs for more information.

See your hair care professional or salon today, and see how Healthilocks® can help make your hair healthier with lasting shine and volume.

Jane Meyer,
Founder, CEO and Healthilocks User